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Are your project managers complying with your methodology?

UniPhi software incorporates the methods into the tools

PMOs are in charge of and are therefore responsible for rolling out methodologies in the project environment. P3M3 maturity models assess as level three companies that are generally compliant with their methodology (i.e. they practice what they preach). This can be a very difficult thing for a PMO charged with getting the organisation to comply. The problem is that the tools used by the project managers are always separate to the methodology which is communicated either via an intranet site or a Microsoft Word document accessed seven directories down in a corporate fileshare. This disjointed method adds unnecessary complication to something that should really be extremely simple. UniPhi is all about simple and as such, integrates the process of running projects (i.e. the methodology) with the tools to do so; completely removing the complication of things being separate.

UniPhi Document Template
Methodology templates populate content dynamically from other modules within the system.

UniPhi My Work Screen
Whoever is required to review and sign off is included in the workflow and dynamically routes to their work to do list.

UniPhi Template
Issues management methods are embedded in the modules to capture the issues.

UniPhi Template
Likewise the risk management module aids methodology adoption.

Registers populate automatically rather than being manually populated into an excel spreadsheet (which nearly never happens). Key templates can be mandatory (e.g. the business case). This means that fundamental governance processes are followed.

All of this leads to a compliant by accident organisation, a less stressed PMO and a level 3 achievement on their next P3M3 maturity assessment.

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The Enterprise

Imagine being able to see your project portfolio status. The transparency of UniPhi makes this possible in real-time.

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Major Projects

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Your Business

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