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Is your late status report halting your progress?

UniPhi software provides live status of your entire portfolio

It’s a Monday, the second day in May, 2011 and thousands of Twitter followers around the globe are glued to their seats as they follow the unfolding story of the Navy Seals finding and assailing the house of Osama Bin Laden’s refuge. Thanks to the internet, this truly incredible world event was streamed online exactly as it was unfolding and did an amazing job of highlighting just how poor business communication systems are. Here we are, the world, super glued to our screens watching as, what is supposed to be a covert operation unfolds, yet a CEO or a managing director of a company as small as two hundred people has no clue how many projects they’re running or what each project’s status is as of today. How does this work? The three-week-old status report is the most expensive piece of bureaucracy existing in the corporate world. What is the point of knowing that as of three weeks ago you were over budget and behind schedule?!

There is no point, or no point that helps you when you need it, or, ultimately, in the long run. As mentioned previously, the ultimate goal of UniPhi’s software is to help remove the need to report and therefore, aim to remove three-week delays in the information being relayed to CEOs or managing directors of companies. This is not only to free up their time so that they can concentrate on facilitating resolutions to other issues, but also to help facilitate productivity and promote a more time efficient way of sharing information within the project environment and therefore, eliminating any issues that could arise before they actually do.

We have software solutions for

The enterprise
The Enterprise

Imagine being able to see your project portfolio status. The transparency of UniPhi makes this possible in real-time.

Major projects
Major Projects

There’s project management, then there’s UniPhi. Collaborate effectively as a team and get results.

Your business
Your Business

Real-time practice management, profitable results. Take control of your small to medium business today.

uniphi onsite

On-the-go doesn’t mean disconnected. Track and change project information from your iOS or Android device.