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Australian Business Awards 2014

2014 Australian Business Award for Innovation

Media Release

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UniPhi wins ABA100 award for Innovation in the Australian Business Awards 2014

Sydney, 30th July 2014 – UniPhi (Aus) Pty Ltd (UniPhi), a Sydney-based technology company, has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2014. UniPhi submitted their application based off the success of the global roll-out of UniPhi's enteprise portfolio and project management software product at AECOM; a fortune 500 global provider of architecture, design, engineering, and construction services.

UniPhi's Managing Director Mark Heath, commenting on the importance of the award said, “The Global Unite project at AECOM required UniPhi’s portfolio and project management software to be adopted in 120 offices across 5 continents. The diversity of locations and cultures was incredible and the uptake of the new system has been a credit to all parties concerned. For UniPhi to be recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Innovation in The Australia Business Awards 2014 is an honour we hoped for but never expected. This prestigious award will provide validation to both existing and potential customers of our capacity to support their global businesses.”

The Australian Business Awards are a national, all-encompassing awards program honouring Australia’s business, innovation and technology leaders through the recognition of their ground-breaking vision, innovative products and exemplary execution of projects, technologies, service, programs, systems and other initiatives. The program engages with leading corporate, government and non-government organisations providing regional recognition with a global significance through an established set of business and product award categories.

Ms Tara Johnston, ABA100 Program Director, says, “With a modernised economy we are experiencing notable change in business with new market and social needs expanding rapidly. The ABA100 Winners are reflective of a nation-wide commitment to innovation and improvement, with the award honouring their evident traction within their respective industries.

“As markets become more informed, organisations are required to be responsive and dynamic in order to create functional, sustainable processes and future-proof products. The program places value on a proactive approach to instigating long-term solutions and generating positive outcomes to ensure a bright economic future for Australians, through the recognition of demonstrated commitment to putting bold ideas into motion and creating products that matter,” Ms Johnston adds.

Conducted annually, The Australian Business Awards are now in their ninth year with one hundred winners (“The ABA100”) announced in a variety of established categories across all industries. Working continuously to develop a robust and dynamic framework of assessment, organisations are able to review their business and product performance, identify their strengths in a growing knowledge economy and ultimately provide a platform for reputation enhancement and brand exposure by publicly acknowledging organisations for their valuable contributions and innovative products. The business award categories are open to the corporate, government and non-government sectors. The product awards are open to tangible or intangible products ranging from manufactured goods, devices, equipment, services, programs, projects, activities, information, knowledge, software, platforms and systems.

For more information on The Australian Business Awards (ABA100) go to www.businessawards.com.au.

About UniPhi

UniPhi is an award winning business to business software company. Our team is focused on innovative web and mobile applications for portfolio, program and project management capability. Our software is used across all industries and by all team members working on projects and programs.

UniPhi's products enable users to work as a team, eliminate onerous reporting requirements typical of project management and provides instant real time status information to senior management. Clients using our software products can collaborate and innovate, generating their own competitive advantage in a rapidly changing world.

For more information about the project that led to this award go to Global Unite Case Study.

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