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UniPhi's Response to COVID-19

As Covid-19 continues to impact more and more aspects of society and daily life we’ve had a couple of enquiries from concerned clients about how UniPhi will navigate the current Covid-19 crisis.

The biggest impact for us is knowledge transfer and we are striving to bring new techniques to enable our end users to get the most out of our software. Further details on how we are handling the situation are expanded on below.

Covid-19 Protocols – How are we minimising the risk?

With regards to managing hygiene, illness and staff, we already have staff members who work remotely full time and the rest have experience working remotely part-time.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 we have been ahead of the curve with staff members practicing high hygiene standards with washing hands, avoiding public transport and practicing social distancing before regulations were enforced.

Many of our staff already chose to self-isolate a month ago and those who chose to continue going to the workplace, have driven to work, not taken public transport and have maintained the appropriate social distancing and hygiene practices.

We are now all working remotely and continuing to maintain the same hygiene standards at home. As a team we have always used UniPhi to manage all of our business processes and projects (we don’t just make it for our clients) and so we can easily manage staff illnesses and workload. We are no stranger to working from home or having a team member away and thanks to UniPhi we can easily see what they are working on, what has been done and what still needs doing so another staff member can easily take over.

Business Continuity Plan – Where to from here

We foresee minimal impact to our business continuity and daily practices as we are a all well versed in working from home and on picking up where others have left off when on annual or sick leave.

Should a staff member get sick, all their work projects and tasks are stored in UniPhi so it is easy for another staff member to pick up and continue their work. This may mean that at certain times client request may take a bit longer to be completed but there should otherwise be minimal impact.

With regards to data/power outages, supply shortages and IT challenges, we all live in different suburbs and states so a data, power or IT outage should not impact all of us at once. With regards to supply shortages, our core supplier, Fujistu data centres, will be receiving more custom than usual and hence will be beneficiaries of the virus. We doubt that electricity supply is at risk and hence see no issues with the supply chain for our services.

Our face-to-face transactions such as training, on site consultations and presentations will all be moved to an online delivery model as follows:

  • Public training courses will now become structured training courses run via zoom
  • Self-paced online training is being developed and the first course is set to be released at the end of April
  • Webinars are now shorter and run daily via Zoom
  • Consultations, presentations and on-site support will now be run via Zoom with associated platforms like mindmup and Micro Sticky.

We won’t be conducting any of the above face to face meetings or training sessions until the virus is under control and even then only in rooms large enough to the have the required distances between attendees. Private brainstorming techniques will be banned until the virus is completely eradicated or a vaccine developed to avoid viral transfers between attendees and facilitators.

The company has taken this outbreak very seriously and is continuing to implement the necessary procedures to support its clients and staff through this difficult time.

Should you have any concerns or queries, do not hesitate to reach out and contact us at support@uniphi.com.au.