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Deploy UniPhi Outlook Plugin via Group Policy

This information is intended for Network Administrators who wish to deploy the UniPhi Outlook Plugin to many users via Group Policy.

At a high level the main thing you need to know is that the UniPhi Outlook Plugin must be deployed via User Configuration rather than Computer Configuration as the plugin is installed for the individual user.

Step by step instructions:
  • Ensure all destination PCs have the .NET platform v2 or later installed
  • Download the latest UniPhi outlook plugin from http://uniphi.com.au/community
  • If your users access an internally hosted UniPhi deployment, choose the Windows Authentication version of the installer, if you use a cloud based UniPhi service, choose the Forms Authentication version
  • Extract the installer and place all files on a network share, ensure read and execute access is granted to Users/Groups who will have the plugin installed
  • Launch the "Group Policy Management" console from Administrative Tools
  • Expand Forest, Domain, and Group Policy Objects
  • Either add a new Group Policy Object which applies to the Users/Groups you wish to provide the UniPhi outlook plugin to, or right click and edit an existing Group Policy Object if it suits your needs
  • Expand User Configuration, Policies, Software Settings and click on Software installation
  • Right click and select New -> Package
  • Browse to the network share where you placed the installer and select PluginSetup.msi
  • Select deployment method as Assigned
  • Right click on the newly created package and open properties
  • Click on the Deployment tab, under deployment options, tick Install this application at logon
  • Upon restarting their machines, the users will have the UniPhi outlook plugin available