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UniPhi Outlook Plugins

UniPhi for Outlook

We offer two different methods for integrating with Outlook. The first called UniPhi for Outlook can be installed from Microsoft Appsource.


  • Supports both Windows and Mac
  • Works in both the Outlook desktop application and webmail
  • Compatible with 64bit Office / Outlook
  • Recognises email threads and creates tidier comments in UniPhi
  • Easy to install, auto updating
  • Modern user interface


  • Your UniPhi deployment must be cloud hosted
  • Your email must either be hosted by Office365 or your on-premise exchange server must have Hybrid Modern Authentication enabled
  • Will not work in a shared mailbox

How to Install

  • Direct from the Office Store or
  • Within Outlook, Options -> Manage Addins, Add from Url -> https://outlookconnector.uniphi.com.au/OutlookWebAddIn.xml

Legacy UniPhi Outlook Plugin

The second method for integrating with Outlook is the UniPhi Outlook plugin. It is installed using a windows installer.

32 bit version of Office / Outlook
Outlook Plugin (UniPhi v11 and above, Forms Authentication)
Outlook Plugin (UniPhi v11 and above, Windows Authentication)
Outlook Plugin (UniPhi v10 and under)
64 bit version of Office / Outlook
Outlook Plugin (UniPhi v11 and above, Forms Authentication)


  • Works for UniPhi hosted in both in the cloud and on internal intranet servers
  • Supports shared mailboxes

Which version of the UniPhi Outlook Plugin should you choose?
If you subscribe to UniPhi as a cloud-hosted service, you need Forms Authentication
If you have UniPhi installed within your organisations network, you need Windows Authentication

For network admins looking to deploy the UniPhi Outlook Plugin via Group Policy, we have further instructions.

Mobile Apps

UniPhi OnSite

UniPhi OnSite (iOS)
UniPhi OnSite (Android)

Create and manage issues and documents on your iOS or Android phone or tablet. Ideal for site inspections or collaboration when a mobile network is unavailable at times.