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With UniPhi - Deliver on Project 13 Principles

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UniPhi Software, 06 Jun 2022

Project 13 is a documented set of principles and processes to support a more integrated project delivery for infrastructure and construction projects. It's idealistic goal is to be able to create a collaboration across organisations that works towards a common outcome. Construction and infrastructure projects can be very adversarial and focus on the letter of the contract significantly more than projects conducted in other industries. Each company working on the project is in it for themselves (quite naturally) and often those that win are at the considerable expense of others that lose, with the largest likely to be the owner of the asset being built.

From https://www.leanconstruction.com.au/blog/project-13-a-new-approach-to-infrastructure-delivery/

Many contractual concepts have been developed to try and deal with this issue, including the NEC suite of contracts, that try to force organisations to get together more often and earlier to focus on problem-solving rather than variation gouging. Their success, however, is limited by the fact it is still centred on the contract. 

Project 13 tries to change this by encouraging owners of assets being built to build collaborative enterprises that have strong long term relationships with suppliers. While there are 5 pillars to Project 13, this is the key one. A client needs to build trust between them and their supply chains, focus on collaboration, not mediation and remove the emphasis on the contract. Building these values of trust, transparency and common purpose is a significant hurdle and is the key foundation for project 13 to work. From there, the challenge becomes more about process than cultural values, and systems like UniPhi can make these processes a doddle to implement.

The five pillars of project 13 are:

  1. Capable Owner
  2. Governance
  3. Integration
  4. Organisation
  5. Digital Transformation

Each of these pillars has a set of principles to guide people in achieving their key outcomes. Over the next 5 days, we will explain how UniPhi's web based portfolio, programme and project management application can support these principles, allowing owners to focus on the cultural change and letting the processes take care of themselves.

The simplest thing that UniPhi does is it provides an enterprise project management system to on-board any project team member from any company within a second and allows them to then collaborate with other team members from other companies. This then fosters a total transparent data architecture where everyone knows what the goal is, where the design is at and the reasoning for decisions made along the way. You could say that the principles of UniPhi are the pillars that support the processes of project 13. 

Anywhere access, global collaboration = total transparency

 The key principles of UniPhi have always been:

  • Transparency of information
  • Integration of cost, time, quality, risk and issue data
  • Access anywhere, any time
  • A system people want to use

These principles, when implemented by a capable owner, dramatically increase the chances for successful investment in any asset.

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