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UniPhi wins 2015 ABA100 Australian Business award for product innovation!

Mark Heath, 14 Aug 2015

Yay! UniPhi has won an ABA100 award for product innovation at the 2015 Australian Business Awards. This year we entered the product innovation category for the work we have been completing for AECOM. In 2012, our enterprise portfolio and project management software was rolled out globally at AECOM as the precursor to the Global Unite program. Global Unite is a sophisticated integration project designed by UniPhi to capture and store project information created by the fortune 500 engineering company.

In 2014 UniPhi was recognised as an ABA100 winner for Innovation in the Australian Business Awards and we have proudly displayed our award through our website, emails and proposals over the past 12 months. It has made a real difference to the way the market views our business.

UniPhi again being recognised as an ABA100 winner for Product Innovation in the Australian Business Awards 2015 demonstrably shows our commitment to products and practices that challenge the status quo. We look forward to updating our marketing with this new honour and highlighting the product awarded as we strive to meet the potential described.

GUIDE - the product that has been recognised in the award, is the end reporting interface of the Global Unite project. It is a iOS app, an Android app and a web app that allows end users to view benchmark information as well as develop early stage cost estimates for an enormous range of projects and asset types including hotels, office towers, stadium, museums, libraries etc.

The parametric model that drives Guide has proven remarkably accurate in its estimating capabilities, meaning that AECOM clients can get answers to key strategic construction cost questions in minutes instead of weeks.

The Guide web and mobile application has the potential to revolutionise the way early stage construction decision making occurs. By partnering with AECOM,we have the capability to make this potential a reality.

This is a very proud day for us at UniPhi and we thank all the people at AECOM for assisting us in its development. Specific thanks go to Karen Wood who has been the AECOM project manager since project inception back in 2012. It has been a pleasure to work with Karen and the broader AECOM user base who provide proactive feedback and positive support that have led to the things we have achieved.


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