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UniPhi 16 - Smoother hiding of content

Mark Heath, 06 Jul 2020

With UniPhi 16 we are introducing two new icons that will tweak the way you go about the document creation process!

These two tweaks are based around the ability to show or hide different document outputs and settings.

The point of which are to streamline the user experience of creating documents and to also allow users to decide during the creation process which parts of the documents will be for public consumption and which wont be.

Tweak #1

As shown in the video, the first icon that you will see is the eye icon.

It can be found in the document checklist on the right when you create a documents.
New Document Checklist
What this icon does is that it allows users to toggle each document step as hidden or displayed in the final output.

For example if you hide the Risk steps by toggling off the icon:
When you finish and view the document that information will be hidden from view.

You can then make that step viewable in the final document by clicking the Show Hidden button, or hide it again by switching it back to Mask Hidden.
Show Hidden

Mask Hidden
This ability to hide certain parts of the document means that when a document is rendered to PDF or emailed externally, those sections remain hidden. This means organisations can now be shared without displaying sensitive or private information, just by selecting what is hidden or not in the creation steps.

Tweak #2

The second tweak made was to the user experience of document creation and is representing by the following icon:
This icon allows users to toggle step settings on and off by clicking on the icon.

For example in the document step below, by clicking on the settings icon, users can view page settings such as orientation (Portrait or Landscape) and Page Break.

Settings Off

Settings On
If users don't need to adjust any page settings, they can keep it toggle off, which is the default settings. This means that when users are going through the process of creating the document, they aren't bombarded with fields and settings.

They will now just be presented with a sleek view of the core requirements and can click for more detailed options.

Check back again tomorrow on LinkedIn and Twitter to discover the next fairy bread feature we have in store for you!


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