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UniPhi 16 - Drag and drop files

UniPhi Software, 03 Jul 2020

One update that I personally love is the new drag and drop functionality that has been incorporated into multiple parts of the system.

Previously, if users wanted to add an attachment (file, image, etc) into an issue, comment or document, they would have had to:
  1. Create or open an issue or document
  2. Click through all the steps until they arrive at the option to attach a file
  3. Having clicked attach file, search through their documents until they find the right attachments
  4. Click open and then save
We decided to streamline this process by introducing drag and drop.

Now the process is as simple as opening your windows explorer, finding the file and dragging it across to UniPhi. 

This is particularly efficient if you already have the file open in your explorer or desktop and just want to drag it across quickly.

UniPhi will then automatically upload the attachments and then walk you through any further steps required.

What this looks like across system:

Create Issues through Drag and Drop

You can now create a new Issue via dragging and dropping files into the issues module. Instead of creating the issue and then adding attachments you:

  1. Go to the Issue module and select the relevant project.
  2. Select the file you wish to add, click and drag it into the issue list area.
  3. Once you see the "Drop Files Here" message (Image 1), release the file and it will automatically Add a new issue. You will then see the attachments are being uploaded into a comment (Image 2).
  4. Fill out all your issue details as normal and click save.
  5. You will now have created your new issues and all the documents will be attached automatically!

Image 1 - Drag and Drop into Issues Module

Image Two - Automatically generated new issues with attachments uploading

Drag and Drop into Comments

If you already have an issue created that you are collaborating on and you wish to add attachments to your comment. As per the Issues instructions above:

  1. Open the relevant Issue
  2. Click Add comment
  3. Drag and drop files into the comment box
  4. Once you see the "Drop Files Here" message, release the files into UniPhi (Image 3). You will see an uploading task bar, same as usual
  5. Once the documents have successfully loaded, if you haven't already added your comment, you can do so now and click Save

Image 3 - Drag and Drop Attachments into a Comment

Create Document through Drag and Drop

Similar to issues, the documents module also allows you the create a new document through drag and drop. This follows the same process as the issues module, when creating a document.

  1. Go to the documents module. You don't need to select a project as this can be done later.
  2. Find the attachments you wish to add to your new document and drag them over the document list area of the screen.
  3. Once you see the "Drop Files Here" message, release your documents (Image 4).
  4. You will then see an Files Uploading pop-up (Image 5)
  5. Once the files upload has been completed you will then be taken to the first step of Create a Document (Image 6). 
  6. Follow these steps as you normally would and you will see once you get to the Attachments step, your documents will already be there.
  7. Finish creating your document and save.

Image 4 - Drag and Drop Files into Document Module

Image 5 - Document File Upload
Image 6 - Create New Document Step 1

We hope our users will enjoy this UX experience as much as we do. It sure has created a lot of time saving for us!

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