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Problem 11- Where's that Document?

Unknown, 28 Feb 2014

Documents are typically stored on corporate fileshares. The problem with this is that there’s nothing stopping someone creating numerous sub directories and putting all the files into this one folder that no one else has a clue about. Corporate fileshares generally have immense amounts of knowledge embedded within them. The problem is it is all tacit knowledge. Without knowing the secret code to the folder structure you've got know way of unlocking this knowledge. Added to this is the bizarre security applied to these fileshares where a person in one office can't access information of another person in another office. The opportunities in solving these problems are immense. Faster access to information, broader awareness of this information and the ability of new knowledge to be created out of this information by people not directly involved in its creation.

UniPhi software has been designed to make sure these opportunities turn into the way things are done around here.

The transparency of UniPhi’s software allows anyone in the organisation to look across projects and see all documents created. Each document has meta data that unlocks the tacit knowledge of what is within it.

Document register across all projects
The integrity of the meta data is maintained by controlling the way documents are added to the system or created within the system. UniPhi software doesn’t allow people to create their own folders. Documents have to be uploaded into a document container based off of a template. By doing this, all the contextual information that is needed to explain what this document is automatically gets associated to it. Someone who has no idea about the existence of the document will be able to find it if they browse and search based on their requirements. For example, someone wanting to find sample business cases can select the business case template and they will be able to see all business cases ever created.

Document register across all projects filtered for business cases only


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