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UniPhi 16.1 - New contracts module

UniPhi Software, 07 Oct 2020

With nearly all of our clients now upgraded to version 16, the updates keep on rolling out with our most exciting .1 release ever....

In November, 16.1 will be coming, with the big release of a new contracts module that will transform the way project controls is undertaken.

From new sub-navigation screens to the expansion of our drag and drop functionality, this module update will bring exciting new functionality into your contract administration!

New Sub-Navigation
New Sub-Navigation

Users will now be able to:
  • Track earned value on deliverables
  • Link deliverables to issues and conversations
  • Re-code and re-order contract codes and deliverables through drag and drop
  • Create an unlimited deliverable breakdown structure
  • Utilise broader cash flow algorithms
New Earned Value Screen

This update will make updating details and navigating contracts much more user friendly and we look forward to hearing everyone's feedback.

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UniPhi 16 - Portfolio Importing Via Excel Copy Paste

UniPhi Software, 14 Sep 2020

One of the major features of UniPhi 16 is a new copy paste from excel function for updating portfolio data. 

This feature allows users to import a whole range of data about projects into UniPhi as well as providing a means for mass updating meta data. The workflow in the latter option is to export the project list to excel using the portfolio summary report and then update each project with whatever has changed and then paste this back into UniPhi. 

This is a great feature for if you are setting up your deployment or need to update it and have a whole bunch of project data in an excel spreadsheet. It will also significantly shorten the time needed to edit projects, as in excel you can sort and filter projects in order to bulk update areas (eg. address or location) using the drag to fill option.

UniPhi then automatically recognises and groups data to a project based on the project ID, so copying it back into the system is an incredibly efficient process that avoids any data duplication. 

Check out how to use this nifty new function in the video below:

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New Self-Guided Training!

UniPhi Software, 14 Sep 2020

Do you ever sit at work and wonder how you could better keep track of your workflows including contractual response times?

What about how to track and manage RFIs, defects management or design reviews? Ever had issues keeping on top of contractual compliance and complying with securities of payments? Or perhaps you've onboarded some new staff and need them to get up to speed ASAP.

Did you know that all of the above can be done in our Issues Management module? That it's not just for tracking tasks or issues but can be set up to manage a whole variety of workflows and project types?

Well now you can find out exactly how with our new online self-guided training course!

Our new Issues Management course covers everything from the basics of creating issues to all the different use cases of the system. It's particularly great for discovering how our various clients are using the system in different ways to manage the workflows and projects mentioned above. 

Self-Guided Training - Issues Management

This course has been been broken down into sections which is perfect for picking and choosing what you want to cover and when. 
Progress Tracking

You can easily start and stop whenever you like (it handily keeps track with a progress bar) and pace the training to a schedule that suits you. If you've already got the basics covered, you can also skip to whatever part of the system you want to learn from the sections below:
  1. Introduction
  2. Issues for Planning a Project
    1. Create a Project
    2. Issues for Project Planning
    3. Issues for Workflow
  3. Issues for Tracking a Project
    1. Issues for RFIs 
    2. Issues for Defect Management
  4. Review Issues, Tasks & Correspondence
    1. Reviewing Tasks & Communication
    2. Close out Issues
So what are you waiting for? Whether you want to learn the basics or discover new ways to use the Issue Management system - get started on our Issues Training course today!

This course is run on Udemy and can be found at the following link (or links above): https://www.udemy.com/course/issue-management-for-projects-with-uniphi/ 

We would love to hear what you think of our first self-guided course, so if you have any feedback or questions, feel free to contact us at support@uniphi.com.au


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Take a tour of our new office

UniPhi Software, 10 Aug 2020

Last week was one heck of a week..

UniPhi 16 went live, we had three new recruits start and we moved into our new office.... and we're loving it.

From level 45 we have some pretty good views facing south. Even if I'm scared of heights, everyone else loves peering out the windows trying to spot our old office and homes.

I also don't know about everyone else, but I've personally enjoyed eating my way around the block. In one week one tea shop already recognises me (I don't know if that should be embarrassing or not)...

So without further ado, here are some photos for our new office on Level 45, 680 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000:

Communal lounge and kitchen area

All set up and ready to work

Window View

Trying to spot places in South Sydney

Working hard

Getting caught taking pictures of window washers (hence the blurry quality)

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UniPhi 16 - New API End Points for Power BI Dashboards

UniPhi Software, 06 Aug 2020

After a slow start, our integration with Power BI is starting to be utilised to its fullest by many of our clients. This has been very exciting for us as we get to see the sorts of reports and data analytics end users really want with the data they input into UniPhi. This is driving great ideas for our UniPhi 17 release where we plan to embed small visualisations throughout the application to assist users to gain insigths into their work, project or portfolio of projects just as they add more content to the system.

To assist this, we've had to rapidly build out our API. New end points included in our 16 release are:
  • ForecastToComplete
  • MilestoneHistory
  • PersonRate
  • TimesheetForecast
And some extra fields added:
  • ClassificationCode field to Person endpoint
  • Current cost and charge rates to the Person endpoint
If you don't know what we're talking about in terms of Power BI and UniPhi, check out the various videos here:

Check out the rest of our UniPhi 16 updates on LinkedIn and Twitter!


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