Risk Management Software

Risk plans implemented, effectiveness tracked

It’s time to actually practice risk management on your projects. Get your team involved and track the success of your risk management plans. Allow project teams to see and mitigate risks key to their projects as well as rate and assign risks to relevant team members. Make your sponsor and governance group aware of what it is you do to mitigate risks.

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By using UniPhi’s risk management module, the IR can integrate this decision making with the actual surveillance so that custom inquiries as to why only limited surveillances were carried out or why more were can be responded to in seconds with a detailed risk mitigation response.

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UniPhi risk management in action

Assign and rate risks to relevant team members. Once risks have been rated, they appear in the work schedule of users to assure they are aware of them and take the appropriate action


Risk management Team member Project manager Administrator

For a project

Raise risks Yes Yes Yes
Comment on risks Yes Yes Yes
Re-assign resources risks Yes Yes
Set risk due dates Yes Yes
Establish risk mitigation actions and contingency plans Yes Yes
Escalate risks in accordance with governance model Yes Yes
Rate risks in accordance with risk assessment methodology Yes Yes
Track risk rating trends over time Yes Yes
Integrate risks with quantitative models Yes Yes

Across portfolios or programs

Track risk rating trends over time Yes Yes
Monitor the number of risks by category Yes Yes
Value risks Yes Yes


Create risk categories Yes
Create escalation model for risks Yes
Establish role based governance Yes
Create risk assessment methodology Yes

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The enterprise

The Enterprise

Imagine being able to see your project portfolio status. The transparency of UniPhi makes this possible in real-time.

Major projects

Major Projects

There’s project management, then there’s UniPhi. Collaborate effectively as a team and get results.

Your business

Your Business

Real-time practice management, profitable results. Take control of your small to medium business today.

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On-the-go doesn’t mean disconnected. Track and change project information from your iOS or Android device.

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Covers all areas of project work

Document management


Content generation with the latest version.

Financial management

Financial Management

Real time profitability now and at completion.


Project Collaboration

Communicate across a virtual team.

Risk management


Execute the plan. Track effectiveness.

Issues management

Issues Management

Focus on the problem, resolve it quickly.

Resource management


Real time utilisation and overallocation.

Time management


What project's slipping, what has slipped?

Cost management


Cost benchmarks, forecasting and reports.

Contract management

Contract Management

Know your commitments. Audit trail varations.


Integration and Reporting

Progress on all 9 functions in one screen.