Financial Management Software

Earliest warning possible on financial issues

Get back to doing what you’re good at - estimate, design, build. UniPhi financial management software can carry the weight that small but important administrative tasks hold. Get in the know with how much you’re making and spending monthly, quarterly, annually, or by the decade. UniPhi software looks forward for you and gives you the earliest possible warning sign of financial issues.

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Transparency enables sustained and viable growth. Without that you’ve got a series of fiefdoms that may be operating effectively, but probably aren’t.

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UniPhi financial management in action

The financial management functionality of UniPhi’s software is innovative and time-saving while allowing you to keep track of project-related finances.


financial management Team member Project manager Administrator

For a project

Timesheet against deliverables and standard tasks Yes Yes Yes
Amend remaining hours on a contract deliverable Yes Yes Yes
Approve timesheets Yes Yes
Establish and amend revenue budgets Yes Yes
Amend revenue budget Yes
Phase revenue budget month by month Yes Yes
Estimate revenue at completion Yes Yes
Phase revenue at completion month by month Yes Yes
Build up quotes Yes Yes
Set quote win % and revenue % Yes Yes
Compile proposal documents Yes Yes
Create and amend cost budgets Yes Yes
Estimate cost at completion Yes Yes
Phase estimated costs month by month Yes Yes
Assess profitability Yes Yes
Assess work in progress Yes Yes

Across portfolios or programs

Assess revenue by month, financial year and custom date ranges Yes Yes
Assess net cash flow month, financial year and custom date ranges Yes Yes
Assess profitability Yes Yes
Analyse win/loss ratios Yes Yes
Track backlog and burn rates Yes Yes
Track tender due dates and manage tender submissions Yes Yes

Admin and Methodology

Create standard tasks Yes
Roll back timesheets Yes
Establish portfolio categories Yes
Establish role based governance Yes
Link one revenue to project costs Yes
Establish financial years, months and foreign currency Yes

We have software solutions for

The enterprise

The Enterprise

Imagine being able to see your project portfolio status. The transparency of UniPhi makes this possible in real-time.

Major projects

Major Projects

There’s project management, then there’s UniPhi. Collaborate effectively as a team and get results.

Your business

Your Business

Real-time practice management, profitable results. Take control of your small to medium business today.

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On-the-go doesn’t mean disconnected. Track and change project information from your iOS or Android device.

Let UniPhi solve your problems

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Covers all areas of project work

Document management


Content generation with the latest version.

Financial management

Financial Management

Real time profitability now and at completion.


Project Collaboration

Communicate across a virtual team.

Risk management


Execute the plan. Track effectiveness.

Issues management

Issues Management

Focus on the problem, resolve it quickly.

Resource management


Real time utilisation and overallocation.

Time management


What project's slipping, what has slipped?

Cost management


Cost benchmarks, forecasting and reports.

Contract management

Contract Management

Know your commitments. Audit trail varations.


Integration and Reporting

Progress on all 9 functions in one screen.