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If you require assistance or believe you have found a bug, please fill out the form below to let us know.

Alternatively, you can log a request directly in our support portal and track its progress.


Apps and Plugins

UniPhi OnSite (iOS)
UniPhi OnSite (Android)
Outlook Plugin (UniPhi v11, Forms Authentication)
Outlook Plugin (UniPhi v11, Windows Authentication)
Outlook Plugin (UniPhi v10 and under)

Which version of the UniPhi Outlook Plugin should you choose?
If you subscribe to UniPhi as a cloud-hosted service, you need Forms Authentication
If you have UniPhi installed within your organisations network, you need Windows Authentication

The UniPhi Outlook Plugin is only compatible with the 32bit version of Office / Outlook.
Even if you are running 64-bit Windows, it is still generally recommended you install 32-bit Office as there are various compatibility issues with the 64-bit version: Read More

For network admins looking to deploy the UniPhi Outlook Plugin via Group Policy, we have further instructions.

Tutorial Videos

We have a number of task based tutorial videos on our YouTube page. These “how to” videos are short sharp and to the point, and they are designed to complement the more detailed training manuals. Each video has been created to demonstrate the various functions and tasks to get you up and running, and are found here:


Discussion Forum

The UniPhi forum contains a series of FAQ’s and answers to some of the common queries that we receive from our clients. If your question has not been raised, you can raise a new query.


Process Diagrams

Attached for your reference is a series of Visio process flow diagrams. These diagrams also complement the detailed training manuals, and serve as a quick reference guide for the various processes involved in using UniPhi effectively.

UniPhi High Level Process Diagrams