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UniPhi 14.1 - A mini release due 31st October 2018

Unknown, 10 Sep 2018

We noticed some low hanging fruit that didn't quite make the deadline following the successful release of UniPhi 14. This has led to our first .1 release in a few years. We will be launching 14.1 in November 2018 with the following key features set to hit your deployment:

UniPhi plugin in the Outlook marketplace

The research undertaken to upgrade our existing plugin to work in a 64-bit environment as part of the 14 release led us to realise that there's some awesome new capability in the Office 365 plugin marketplace. To leverage this, we have created a new plugin that will improve the user experience and enable emails accessed through the web browser and phone to be saved into your UniPhi application. Other  enhancements is the stripping out of embedded files and better threading of the conversation in the UniPhi comment thread.

Mobile access enhancements

Our UniPhi 13 release saw the introduction of our new richer interface. The platform used for this interface has great capability to handle different screen resolution sizes dynamically. However, there are still many decisions to be made to take advantage of this capability. UniPhi 14.1 will have all these decisions made and will allow our users to enjoy accessing UniPhi on their phone as much as they do on their laptop or desktop.

Expanded accounting integration

UniPhi 14.1 will come with a debtors and creditors dashboard, as well as, automated updating of the paid flag for customer and supplier invoices. This functionality will be supported out of the box for our entry level integrations of Xero and MYOB.

UniPhi in the PowerBI marketplace

PowerBI is the future of big data analytics and UniPhi is the now for big data capture. The two are a great marriage and the 14.1 release will include our first marketplace app that users can access to get our out of the box dashboards covering; practice management, benchmarking, risk management, issues management, time management and integrated summaries.

Paste from excel

One of the coolest little widgets we've created in years, is the ability to now highlight a range of cells in excel and just copy paste the data into UniPhi. This has been developed for cash flow and budgets and is part of our 14.1 release. The functionality works at the project, program and portfolio level.

Small tweaks to user interface for an enhanced experience
Improvements include tweaks to bulk updating, new navigational structures, enhanced personal profiles and more.

These features will hit the marketplace in November and we will dedicate a blog entry to each one in the latter part of October as a count down to go live!

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