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UniPhi 14 - August 1 Release Date Set

UniPhi Software, 06 Jun 2018

Earlier this year we sent out a survey to our end users, asking what new features they would like in UniPhi 14. We received a lot of useful feedback (the results were posted back in April) which has helped us greatly with developing the new release. It has now been two months since then and we don't want to put pressure on the software developers but the release date has been set for August, so they better get cracking.

One of the top requested updates we received was for resource planning and so we have gone ahead and added:
  • Ability to forecast future timesheets which is then integrated with resource planning. Forecast timesheet hours will now be added to or replace the existing forecast resource planning information on that day.
  • “Offset” functionality to allow for a resource or all resources on a project, tactical plan. This new feature allows for a resource plan to be broken down into a more detailed and itemized day or week view, as opposed to the current more strategic monthly project overview.
  • Copy a resource profile enables to set up one phased allocation profile and copy it to others on the project.
  • Faster bulk updating of resource allocation by clicking the apply changes and submit buttons
  • Enhanced reporting See who is over and under allocated both next week and over the next x months.
New forecast timesheet screen
Besides resource planning, there were a bunch of other features that were requested, including feasibility, API capabilities and new visualization dashboards, amongst other. Based on these request, we have also:
  • Upgraded outlook integration with drag and drop filing.
  • Enhanced accounting integration including allocation of disbursements captured in the accounting system to an invoice and the creation of a debtors dashboard.
  • Tweaked the new interface updates such as speed and improved navigation. Its amazing the affect some of these simple tweaks have had on early adopters of UniPhi 14.
  • Cost/benefit analysis capability via enhanced integration between metrics, revenue and costs module including deriving revenue and costs from metrics. 
  • Added API capabilities which allow users to directly access UniPhi data through Microsoft Power BI and create their own dashboards and visuals. This is a lot more efficient for end users as they no longer have to download an excel spreadsheet and re-upload to create custom dashboards! It is also, conveniently, a two for one solution for users wanting to integrate apps and produce new visualization capabilities.
  • Enhanced mobile optimization to make UniPhi more accessible from anywhere, on the move
We will be providing a dedicated blog entry to each of the above over the next two months as we prepare to go live. The more expansive features will also get their very own webinar. Make sure you register your attendance.

If you wish to receive an early release of UniPhi 14, send your request to info@uniphi.com.au


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UniPhi 14 Survey Results Are Out!

UniPhi Software, 13 Apr 2018

A few weeks ago, we sent a survey asking you, our users, what you thought of the current features and modules of UniPhi 13 and what you would like to see in the next update of UniPhi 14. We had a great number of responses and are extremely grateful to all who participated. It has allowed us to gather a lot of insight into what is and isn’t working for our user base, what ideas they have for the future of the software and where we should go from here.

And so, without further ado (we won’t keep you in suspense any longer), here are the results of the survey.

Current Modules
The purpose of the first part of the survey was to find out what users thought of the current modules and gain some insight into their experience using UniPhi 13.

We found that the most used modules of UniPhi 13 were Resources, Contracts Management and Costs Management, with the least used module being Risks Management.

This linked in with the most liked modules, being Contracts Management, Costs Management and Resources, potentially being the result of why they are the most used or vice versa.

Though, where there are highs there are also lows. The least liked modules of UniPhi 13 were Document Management and Issues. This was mainly accredited to a lack of drag and drop functionality within Document Management and wanting more features in Issues such as the ability to email out of UniPhi.

Further improvements suggested in the comments, were those regarding outlook, with users wanting improved functionality particularly with regards to saving emails as issues, enhanced reports and dashboard charts and graphs, as well as more training around auto phasing to make it appear less black box and mysterious.

The rate of response of the system was however not found too slow with the majority saying so.

New and Improved Features
This leads us to the second half of the survey, which was designed to ask users what features they would like to see in the update. Respondents were therefore offered a predetermined list of options to pick from of potential future updates.

It comes as no surprise, given the previous comments that enhanced outlook integration was the most sought-after feature with 68% of respondents opting for it. This was closely followed by mobile optimization (62%) and new visualization dashboard, including design your own dashboards embedded in the application (56%).

Finally, we were interested in finding out what other ideas and suggestions users might have for the update.  There were a lot of great suggestions for new features in UniPhi 14, some of which were:
  • More obvious track changes in document management
  • Project calendar with integration to outlook + event scheduler
  • Auto job creation in MYOB and the sending of PDF invoices across MYOB with an automated sync function between MYOB and UniPhi for paid invoices
  • Payroll functionality
  • Ability to hide cards on the project summary screen
  • Allow users to select the view for the project summary screen in resources, default setting
  • Ability to show linkages between tasks in or with other projects
  • Ability to import contract deliverables and overwrite existing identical lines
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Profit reporting by resource not just by team
  • Process for expense claims through UniPhi using OCI

Where to from here?
Now that we’ve gathered all your responses, had a chance to learn about what you do and don’t like and what you’d like to see in UniPhi, we can get cracking on UniPhi 14.

We will be writing an update blog post in late May and in June we will start presenting the new features with a set to be released date in July/August.

Watch this space.


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New review and awards

UniPhi Software, 10 Apr 2018

UniPhi Receives Project Management Software Distinctions from Platform for Software Reviews

In exciting news, UniPhihas been the recipient of two awards and a glowing review from FinancesOnline.

FinancesOnline, which is an independent software review platform that aims to help business and software vendors find their best fit, recently reviewed us on their site. They gave us a fantastic review for our comprehensive project portfolio management tools, rating us an 8 out of 10, including us in their list of project management tools, and ultimately awarded us the Great User Experience award and the Rising Star award for 2018.

A little snippet of what they said about us:

“Construction consultants (e.g. engineers, and architects) often struggle to integrate the completion of deliverables with the value assigned to that deliverable on the project. This can lead to cost overruns. The causes of this are the dissociation of delivery of work to the capturing of time on the job.

UniPhi integrates these two elements through three pieces of functionality, issues collaboration, contract deliverables and timesheets to contract deliverables. Issues collaboration ensures rapid progress on delivery, timesheets have an “hours remaining” function which allows for earned value to be captured and therefore warning project managers that the project may be running over time even when progress is at 5%.”

We’re also proud to be highlighted in their article detailing the purpose of project management. And so, with a few more awards under our belt, we can confidently begin working on UniPhi 14.

To find out what else FinancesOnline had to say about UniPhi, visit:


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Wonderful new employees have landed!

UniPhi Software, 22 Mar 2018

Here at UniPhi, a lot of changes have been happening. We’ve successfully launched UniPhi 13, are looking at what’s next with version 14 and have been recruiting like a company possessed; hiring four brand new staff members in the past two months.

Introducing you to, in all their glory, our four new team members:

Drum roll......

Andrew Fist, Jason Zheng, Stephanie Larkin and Trudi Kirk!

Left to right: Andrew, Stephanie, Jason. (Trudi in spirit)

Andrew is our new national sales manager. He came to us from BST Global and has vast sales experience in the IT and SaaS sector. He is dedicated to matching businesses with the right solutions and is also so enthusiastic about working at UniPhi that he commutes 2 hours every day through thick and thin. That is some dedication to the cause.

Next is Jason, our handy resident software engineer, who was recently an intern at NVP Studio. He is experienced in writing code, from JavaScript, SQL to C#. In his spare time he plays guitar and if he plays guitar anywhere near as well as he writes code, he just might be the new office rockstar – watch out Mitch…

Stephanie is a recent graduate and our new marketing specialist. Having relocated from Melbourne, she likes to think of herself as the new office chair ornament and lord of marketing. You may also begin to recognize her work in all newsletters, emails, videos and blog posts.

And finally, Trudi our new UniPhi consultant, specialising in cost management. Due to her being located in Melbourne, we like to think of her as our second office ghost in Sydney, along with Simon Day, – you hear their voices but do you ever see them? In addition to her ghostly ways, she has had vast experience in all aspects of Cost management and has worked on a range of building construction projects. Trudi is your go to for cost benchmarking success.

Now that we have once again a full house and that the old staff have adjusted to the shock of change, we look forward to their future success becoming our success.


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UniPhi 13 is here!

Mark Heath, 03 Nov 2017

As my three year old son would say....."Phew, that was close". But without further adieu, here is the new interface in all its glory!

When the team uploaded this video to YouTube and tweeted the results the first tweet above it was the new iPhone X....A little intimidating but hey, I hope this video helps our dear users get excited about their pending upgrade.

There's a whole host of feature improvements as well in this release. Some of this were listed in our May post when we decided to delay release and go hell for leather on a new interface.

We will be highlighting these new features in coming blog entries over the next few weeks.

Now onto UniPhi 14 and a whole new world of React!


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